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This is the home of Growlers Football Club.

All news relating to Growlers FC will appear here. This includes match reports, statistics, team news, squad sightings, you name it - it will be on here.

Last updated: 10.43, 08/05/07

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Growlers FC play in the Tuesday night league at South Leeds Stadium. This is our first season in existence and it proves to be a real experience for all concerned.


Team Squad

Currently no player numbers have been assigned. Here are the names of the current Growlers FC squad with random numbers:

  1. Joe Ayre
  2. Euan Gibson
  3. Andrew Hodgson
  4. Philip Ward
  5. Paul Readman
  6. Wayne Clark
  7. Adam Ellison
  8. James Holmes
  9. Jake Dyson
  10. Michael 'Shoulders' Szypkowski

Please click here to see the official FA pages for Growlers fixtrues

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